Sunday, December 11, 2011

Recoloring old pics

Brrrr!! It's really cold in my house this morning...outside too!! It's just weird when it gets cold in GA.  I am supposed to be mopping my floor...but I am stalling. I cant leave my PSE9 alone!! For the longest time I have been collecting old favorite are the flappers from the 20's and 30's.  My favorites are what they call "risque" although..seriously the only thing you see is a little thigh and maybe a butt cheek here or there!  Nothing compared to what you will see at the beach or the club on a Sat. night now!!! But somehow I think these are waaaay sexier.  Anyway...I always see things where people recolor these old pictures...and I have been dying to learn how because I have so many great pictures I would love to use..but somehow the black and white version needs the color when I am going to use them in my layouts!! Soooo....last night I noticed that one of my most favorite collage sheet designers (Itkupilli ~ I love her stuff and the way she recolors~ Lots of pretty pastels..and everything just looks nice and this is what I have been wanting to do) had a tutorial on her blog. It is for regular photo shop and I have Photoshop Elements 9 soo I was going to have to adapt.

Anyway after playing with it..this is what I came up with!

Original Picture:

Here is the recolored version that I did after I changed the saturation so it would be more pastel:

I am pretty happy with it. I cant decide if I want to leave the background or cut her out. I suppose I can do both.

Now if I remove the saturation adjustment, it gives me a brighter version of the same picture without really doing anything else. The only thing is I am not sure I am happy with the legs. She IS wearing I guess they are ok, I had to change the tone of them to have a difference between the stockings and skin tone in the pastel version.

Ok..Bright colors:

Not bad but the stockings are a bit yellow~y. I suppose I could mask them.

So I need to do some more practice...but I think I am getting it!!!

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