Monday, December 12, 2011

Im a recoloring freak!

Ok....soooo today I discovered the joy of glitters and gels..while I had what they are used for explained to me a while ago...I never really used one until today....I like I like!!!

I have been working on another image where I am colorizing it. It is really a long process...esp when you are just learning but I am really liking how they are coming out. My husband pointed out to me that I really should put a watermark on them because I have so much work into them...and alot of people like to lift other people's I did that this time.  The couple pictures that I have done so far have been alot of colors dont come out the actual color that I am trying to achieve...but I think Im happy with it...I used much brighter colors this time. I dont know if I like it best all funky and bright or once I mess around with the saturation. I guess everyone else can decide!!! is the bright saturation.

See my little glitterish watermark?  I hate to put it right across the face though. Its hard to believe that the blue on the shoes and the blue around the umbrella and the head band...are the exact same blue...just depends on the shading of the pic and the item. is a more pastel-y one of the same picture.

I am really diggin this recoloring process...I have always wondered how they did that...and now I know! I feel like I have been let inside a little club or something!!!

Ive been stallin on making brushes for my class...but I have to finish that tonight....everyone seems to really like brushes but I dont get it I guess maybe I will get it if I get good at making them!

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