Monday, October 7, 2013

Coming soon!! New Halloween Kit

So, its that time again, we have gone thru the "fall harvest" kits...heading into the Halloween kits...and they all seem to predictable to me. Next will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas.....then ick..Valentines Day. 

I have been a scrapper for years along with a mixed media artist. I seriously have problems with "traditional" Please don't get that mixed up with "Traditions" I LOVE traditions and my family has tons of them!!! But what I mean is it seems year after year as I look thru the kits that come out each holiday they all seem the same.  

I do admit that I do give in and do some of the traditional kinds of kits when I do the blog trains. One because I know some really like those kinds of kits and look forward to them every year, and two because it is a challenge for me to do something a bit more traditional, but if I have my way I will pick the odd, strange, weird, jump out of the box look back and thumb my nose at the box kinda stuff.  Sometimes it works for me and other times I know people look at my stuff and think "just what WAS that girl thinking" 

So for Halloween I am not doing a traditional purple black and orange kit. No cutsie mummies, vampires or is the palette that I am working with.

I have 20 papers so far....I love making papers!!! Not sure how many will actually make it into the kit...but I like to have a bunch to pick from.....

Off to make some apple bread!!! Enjoy!

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