Sunday, September 29, 2013

FREEBIES FREEBIES FREEBIES!!! The Studio's Next Designer's Contest Week 4 Submission ~ Back in Time

Ok well this is the final week of The Studio's Next Designer's Contest!!! Its been a rough week for me, I started out with my daughter being sick....then my son (hes three so that was miserable) and of course no way was I going to avoid it so I have been sick for the past four days and have been working on my kit during the peaks of my cold meds!!! So I submitted it last minute , right down to the wire...I can't even believe that I made it in time!! I thought for sure I was going to sit this week out!!

So, anyone that knows me knows I am a total mixed media, art journal girl at heart. I love to scrap too but mixed media is definitely my first love. To me, and this is prob bad to say but sometimes scrap kits get predictable and I hate to be predictable so of course I had to step outside the box and look back and thumb my nose at it when creating this week's submission.

It is also no secret that I love old photos, paintings, well most vintage ephemera. Flappers are probably my most favorite they are so sassy and so much fun. But I also love photos and images of Victorian and Edwardian women as well. My husband thinks its weird but I love how they dressed and how they are just the epitome of femininity. I love the bathing suits that covered them from head to toe (not that I would want to wear one but they just fascinate me!) to the dresses with the corsets and bussels!

So this week I made a pure art journal kit.  Six papers and 25 accents!!! Papers while not hand painted are hand made with brushes, blending, textures etc!!

Hope you like it!!....But Dont forget to scroll down some more as I have other freebies as well!!

My Week 4 Submission!!  If you love it please VOTE  for me!!! Voting ends tonight!

And GRAB This BLOG Freebie that matches my week 4 submission!!! 


  1. Such pretty colors! :) Thank you for taking the time to create this kit and both of the add-ons and for sharing them with us. Especially while you were sick!

  2. This is simply stunning, exactly all I love... Many thanks from France!

  3. Thanks for sharing this beautiful kit and all the addons. Hope your son is better now. Your 1st download link at digital scrapbooking studio isn't working. I just tried to download it, but no luck got the rest though. Thanks again

  4. Thank you for the lovely extras for this fab kit - I voted for it and it really did deserve to win! Hope the little ones are well now. Best wishes.


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