Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I'm BACK! With a FREEBIE! the last few months have been just crazy...moving from GA to NY, buying a house having all our stuff delivered and unpacking! So finally things are starting to be a little more "normal"  I decided to enter the Designer Darlings Contest over at Stuff to Scrap.  Normally I am a scrapper but I thought I would give this a shot! So all the kits for the contest are FREE you can get mine here ---> Spring Menagerie in the Stuff to Scrap forum!!!

This is the kit I made:

I have also made an add on which you can get right here on my blog!

I made THIS with my submission kit!


  1. awww I can't get these dropbox says you are generating too much traffic and disabled :( I guess that is a good thing for you I couldn't get the one at Stuff to Scrap either. I love this kits though Will keep checking back... you did a beautiful job on these... thank you

    1. Hi Thank you!! I know! dummy me used Drop Box...didnt know that it would suspend ya if you generated too much traffic! So I am going to try to upload them to Media Fire (my internet is so slow cuz we live out in the sticks!) and hopefully that will do it!

  2. Don't forget the links at Stuff to Scrap! You did a wonderful job - it would be sad to miss out on your great kit.Thank you.

  3. Im working on it!! takes forever to upload!!! (im talking HOURS) I got the elements done so hopefully I can get the links back up in the morning!

  4. Christina - you are a good designer. And if you should win - I guess the very first thing you will need to do is get a better connection or you will go crazy!!! I feel badly for you on the one hand - but happy for you in your designing success. =)


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