Monday, August 20, 2012

Outside the Box Design Studio ~ Sale ~ New Art Journal Kit

While I LOVE to scrap, I think I am really and truly an Art Journaller at heart. Outside the Box Designs was the first to ask me to be on her Creative Team when I just first started out with digital about a year ago. Since then I have submerged myself in the digital scrap and art journal world. I finally had something to do with all the pictures I have been taking of my kids for years and I have a way to express myself digitally without all the mess!!! So the bonus was two fold!

So with that being said, I love Outside the Box's new Art Journal kit Proof of Life! This was a really fun kit for me! Here is the preview and some pages that I did with this kit!

I loved this 50's like retro woman in this kit!!

Had to use her a couple times!!

Great kit!! You could even do traditional Scrap with it...which I should do :-)

Also...EVERYTHING is ON SALE!!! Yup...Check out this sale!

So go stock up your stash!!

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