Thursday, January 5, 2012

Trying not to be an Art Journal Chicken

So, I have decided that I am going to branch out!! Ha! Ok I have been doing challenges and posting at GDS for a few months now. I have been wanting to go to other sites and do their challenges too..but I've been kinda scared!!! Esp with Deviant Scrap. the people that post there are SOOOOOOO good! I love their more "altered" way of digital design. I love ATC's, Art Journals etc. I love making them too but I just never feel mine are as good.

So one of the challenges at DS is to do a small work of art in Black and White. The topic is "Courage" where you can basically use your New Year's rez or something that you have been wanting to do, or something you have done, etc that took a lot of courage for you to do. 

So I would love to take a dance class or even just go and do zumba with a group...but am too chicken to do it in front of people (besides my family who already think I am stranger than strange!) soooo, that is one of my NY to actually go and take a class this year...and instead of doing zumba in front of the it with the group!! Or I would LOVE to learn to Salsa or ball room dance...but that would require my husband's participation and that certainly isn't going to happen! is my little work of art that I made so far...I saved it in color and in B&W...but I dont know if I am going to post it I said...the other people that create on that site are amazing, so Im a bit chicken!

I think I definately like it in color better!!!  But I dont think I am ready to post on DS yet. (BTW, these were made with kits from TumbleFish, Outside the Box Design Studio, and Lisa's Altered Art.) 

On another note, because I am on the Outside the Box Design Studio Creative Team we were given the ARTchaeology of the Soul Mega Kit which will be available on Feb. 1,2012 to people who want to participate. I can tell you right now, the kit is awsome. I got it last night and already have three layouts done for it!!! We are also going to have a great forum and a Blog Train too to get FREE, yup thats what I said FREE stuff! So you are crazy not to buy this workshop!! Soooo many benefits! Plus you get to hand with us cool Outside the Box Groupies! :-)

You can get this on Feb 1st, HERE

Here is the workshop:

Which you can find HERE

There are TWO ways to pay as well! If you want to do the TWO Payments you can get that program

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