Saturday, December 17, 2011

Midnight Art Journal

Have I mentioned that I really hate packing? I always just want to bring nothing with us and buy everything when we get there...but my husband says no!! The big meanie! LOL....soooo I am supposed to be packing for our trip home for Christmas...nothing like having to remember every little thing for four people and two dogs! So..I am stalling and decided to do an Art Journal page...

I hadnt used Painted Ladies by Outside the Box I thought I would crack it open. I grabbed some elements from some other Outside the Box kits too...since I ALMOST have them all!

To be honest, I have no meaning for this. I was just using elements that I liked...ohh I almost forgot...the books are from TumbleFish...which I get at Deviant Scrap (LOVE!!)

Ok enough stalling..back to packing

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