Friday, December 16, 2011

Maybe a bit too weird??

I always look at other people's Art Journals and always think they look great....then I make one and look at it and think....hmmm not so good.  Maybe I am just too critical of my own work? Its the same with Scrap Layouts too...I never feel like I get them just right..or just the way I want them to be....I have a million scrap kits...and can I go wrong with these beautiful kits, right?  I dont know.

Anyway I made this Art Journal a while ago. I used Curiosity by Outside the Box Design Studios which I love the kit...and I wanted to use the troll doll element. Of course I think troll dolls are hideously I started putting things together I was thinking about how in this world there are so many different kind of people. Ugly, beautiful, fat, skinny, different colors, genders, etc, but wouldnt it be great that no matter what you looked like...or the lifestyle you live..if you just looked in the mirror and thought "Wow...I am Fabulous!"  I know that I dont look in the mirror and think that....probably not many that do. Our world is too judgemental and too much focus on beauty, on being skinny...having the right hair, makeup whatever.  So here is my troll, he/she not really sure which, I didnt pick a gender for it, who is ugly. has a skirt on, and a funky mask...but looks in the mirror and thinks "wow I am fabulous!"  So while many people may look at it and think...uggh what the heck is that....this is what was in my mind while I was creating it.

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