Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I need to step AWAY from the digital scrap kits

I am so addicted...I cant seem to stop buying pretty digital scrapbooking kits. I just cant seem to pass them by!!

So...today on my facebook feed...it said that Trixie Scraps was having a 50% off sale on her Christmas kits...so..well how can I pass THAT up!! Plus when I scrolled down...there was this beautiful blue kit!

Beautiful right???  Soooo I have to buy it...I LOVE blue Christmas things...way better than red and green! So then I ended up shopping around and got this:

Bright and fun!!! So...THAT led to:


And then THIS...because how I can buy the kit and NOT get the extra worn looking papers???

Then I have been wanting to make a Siggie......

Then I had to head back to Go Digital Scrapbooking to pick up the Daily Deal...I mean come ON...its only 99 cents!!! (BTW..I am waiting for todays...which I know is from Outside the Box Design Studio and definately will pick up!!!

The one from yesterday was by Tricia Curtis Barely There Photo Maskes

I guess I am good with kits...atleast for today!!!  and I am off to finish a couple of my lessons for my PSE Intermed Class that I am taking!!! I think the assignment is more brushes!

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