Thursday, December 29, 2011

I am NOT a Princess!! I finished my first lesson for my class tonight...but I cant post it for some reason GDS isnt loading!! Grrr....So while waiting, I decided to play around with this really cute kit called  Not A Princess by Marta Van Eck. I just love the colors! It is so bright and fun!

I am thinking I have to make more stuff with this kit!!!

Ok for my Week 4 Lesson 1 we are learning how to wrap ribbons. I ended up using  Les idées de Christine~ Reves Chap 1 Kit that I got from GDS...again I love the colors in this kit!! Muted shabby pinks. Not really sure if the frame really GOES with this kit, but I am more about doing what I feel like doing at the moment. I do have some elements in this layout from HollieWood (Deviant Scrap) and BooLand Purple Haze.

But overall I guess I am happy with it.

We are all packed up and heading back home in the morning. While I am so sad to leave, it will be nice to get home and to my own computer. I have had a hard time working with my mother's mouse, I am used to my roller ball...although I really need to use my pen and tablet thing...I need to try it anyway!!

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