Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bright Journals

I am supposed to be finishing my stuff up for last weeks class. Well I did...I guess. We were learning about Gradients. I didn't realize you could do so much with them. I'm telling you, there is so much involved with learning how to use Photoshop Elements 9.  I can't even imagine all the things that I would have to learn for regular Photoshop. There are so many processes and things that you don't think about. I can't possibly remember everything!! That is why when I come across a Tut that I like or even my classes I print them all out so I can put them in my binder and refer to them when I am making things!! It is crazy all the effects that you can do with these programs.

As I said we were doing Gradients. So we had to make an element and use it in a layout. Normally I try to stick to one designer when I do a layout because it makes it sooo much easier when you are doing the credits!!! But did I do that this time? I am just going to name the designers...since I have no Idea what kits the elements came from because I was just picking here and there for what I needed!!!

Anyway back to my homework. Ok...sooo I picked a started out black, so what I did was, I decided I was going to use a kit called Purple Haze by Booland. So I picked the color I wanted and started messing around with the gradient tool. It ended up kind of sherberty looking so because I am not in the mood for sherbert, I decided to stick an overlay over it,(the one I picked was by Andrea Gold). So then by the time I beveled and dropshadowed I had a pretty cool looking little heart going on. My first element! Yay me!

So I had to use it in a here is that layout!! (BTW..the other designers that I used in this layout were: TumbleFish, Holliewood and Beth Rimmer...all of which can be found at Deviant Scrap~~~ LOVE!)

Taaa Daaaa :

Ok so my NEXT lesson we are learning to wrap ribbons, which I have to admit I really like!! Here is my frame that I used and some little do dads (Tumble Fish, Holliewood and BooLand)

Thing is...the layout I was didnt go with, so I ended up not using it and am going to have to do another one tomorrow because I am way too tired to do it tonight.

Here is the layout I made instead:

I used Purple Haze by BooLand on this one as well, but by the time I used all the different effect, it didnt much look like it came from that kit!!! I also used elements from TumbleFish and Holliewood as well!

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