Sunday, August 24, 2014

August Mixology "This Moment" and End of Summer SALE! 60% Select Kits!

I am so bad with my blog!! I'm more of a Facebook junkie I think!! I always forget about my blog! 

So here I am....I have lots of things going on, I am having surgery at the end of this week so I have been working hard to finish everything I need to have done for the beginning of September such as my Progressive Art Journal Challenge at GDS will be back (I took August off!) I have some AMAZING Stash Builders that I will be releasing both on Sept 6th! I also have a new Vintage Pretties mini kit called Victoria that will be released on the 1st. I'm working on a sequel to my "She Said What?" kit with some more fun sassy ladies and sayings!!! 

So now for what is new RIGHT NOW!

This month's Mixology was so much fun to create!!! I ended up with 8 pack and they are all on sale right now at 40% OFF...PLUS I have a coupon ( Buy ALL 8 packs and used this coupon for an ADDITIONAL 20% OFF! Coupon Code: 2chmd_8Mix20OFF8 Expires 9/5/2014 One use per customer! Store: so you can get each pack for a little over a dollar!! GREAT DEAL!!

I also have a End of Summer Sale going on 60% OFF Select kits!

Find these kits in my STORE 

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