Saturday, September 14, 2013

Inspire Me by Created by Jill Scraps is now at Ginger Scraps!

Created by Jill Scraps has a brand new kit out and you are going to love it!!! Inspire Me has everything you need to create unique and original layouts for almost any kind of photo!!!

Check out this HUGE bundle INSPIRE ME BUNDLE 

Inspire Me - Kit (includes full alpha) 
Inspire Me - Add On 
Inspire Me - Solids 
Inspire Me - Extras 
Inspire Me - 4x4's 
Inspire Me - Smatters 
Inspire Me - Cluster Frames 
Inspire Me - Baby Clusters 
Inspire Me - Stackers 

That's 9 packs for less then $1.50 a pack! 

You can also buy each piece individually! Hurry up and grab it while its on sale!

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