Monday, August 20, 2012

New Great Love Kits by ADB Designs

I have to admit, I am way way behind in posting to my blog. I don't know why. I am just terrible at updating it which is a shame because I am on the Creative Teams for some really amazing designers and I should share these designs with everyone more often!!! So here it goes!!

ADB Designs has been one of my favorites for a while. I positively drool when looking thru her stores! I love the vintage, heritage feel of her designs. So different from the other designers I CT for!

ADB is now in TWO places! You can find her store at Heritage Scraps and The Studio.  I love both sites and so glad that she has stores in both places!!

BOTH KITS 30% OFF for a limited time!

Her newest kits are themed Great Loves and they are GORGEOUS! Seriously!

Check out Great Love: Abelard & Heloise

This kit includes : 20 rich papers and 34 romantic elements!

The story:
Abelard and Heloise lived in 12th century France and were highly intelligent and well educated. Unusual for a man during the Middle Ages, and certainly a rarity for a woman. Abelard was 20 years senior to Heloise and her tutor.  They fell in love and had an affair which resulted in the birth of their son, Astrolabe (named for the maritime instrument).  They married but Heloise's Uncle and guardian, remained obsessed and angry and acted against Abelard in a vicious attack. The lovers wrote volumes of letters to each other, many of which survive and that include beautiful prose that continues to speak to lovers today. 

The next Great Love kit is : Great Love: Tristan & Isolde

This kit includes 18 papers and 38 elements!

Tristan & Isolde are the inspiration for the second kit in my Great Love series.  Their love story has been told in one form or another since the 12th century and has inspired many wonderful and tragic tales of love. Wagner's opera "Tristan & Isolde" was first performed in 1865 and is known for its influence on later Western composers.

The basic narrative (there are multiple versions):
Isolde, a princess of Ireland is betrothed to King Mark of Cornwall. Tristan, the King's nephew goes to Ireland to accompany Isolde on the journey to meet to her future husband. On the ship to Cornwall, Tristan & Isolde accidently drink a love portion that was intended for isolde and Mark; they fall madly in love.  Though in love with Tristan, Isolde marries King Mark and on her wedding night she substitutes her trusted friend and maid, Brangaene, in her marital bed to conceal her loss of maidenhood. Later, fearing Brangaene will reveal her secret, Isolde tries to have her friend killed. Mark is not a fool, he suspects Isolde and Tristan and they are charged with treason.

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