Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Outside the Box Design Studio ~ NEW Kit plus GREAT Deals!

Ok, I have been out of town for the past few days, so I am a bit behind!!! While I was gone, Amanda from Outside the Box Designs was BUSSSYY!! A FAB NEW KIT plus some great bundled deals!! I will start with the new kit though! I am super excited about it though!!! I have only gotten to make one page so far with it so I really need to sit down and play!!!

Ok...the new kit is more like a bundle. It is called "The Call"  Amanda teamed up with two other great designers Courtney and Kelly Jo. They formed this Artistic Alliance and made this incredible kit!! You can get get the full deal "The Call: Artistic Alliance" or just "The Call" by Outside the Box Designs at GDS.

This is what Amanda has to say about this kit : Every person has a deposit of creative ability given to them by the Creator Himself. We are made in His image, therefore, we are creative. This creativity takes on many forms. Some dance, sing, paint, organize; whatever form your creativity takes, encouraging you to listen to the small voice and respond is the purpose of this very special kit!

   Titled  The Call, from my experience reading The Creative Call.   It's about the inner call that prompts you, inspires you to create.This kit's artistic, yet with an urban flair. The city influence relates to the nitty gritty of daily life, while the beauty of art continues to call out to you! 
 You will see loads of bright colors like you see in street art; city is graffiti friendly, so there are graffiti accents  from photos of local spots in our city, and hand drawn/colored accents for you to enjoy!

If you are looking for the shaabang "The Call: Artistic Alliance" Check this out!

Ok...also she has bundled up some of her kits so that you can get a great assortment of elements and papers in one shot!! Here are the new bundles!!

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