Tuesday, May 1, 2012

SQUASH BOOK by Outside the Box & Cute Doggie Doodles at GDS

Outside the Box Designs has some really awesome kits, and even more awesome kits coming up!! Believe me!!! I get them before they are released so I know!! :-)  Check out the Squash Book which is a lot of fun!! This can be used digital or as a hybrid!

What is a "squash book"? It is like a Junk Journal. What's a Junk Journal? It's like an "old school" scrapbook! All the ephemera, scraps, a few photos here and there- you know, like the very simple ones your Mother  or Grandma made, before all the glitz and glam of scrapbook paper or embellishments were available. You just used what was on hand to keep your memories. But NOW, it is better because you get to keep it simple, while also having the fabulous designs on hand!
TERRIFIC hybrid stuff! Works digitally too, but go ahead and give hybrid a fair shake! ;)

Outside the Box also has these adorable Doggie Doodles Hand drawn Puppy Love!
Set of four PNG transparent dogs for you to color as you like,and a set already colored for you! 
S4O, Personal and Commercial Use approved.

Check out the Outside the Box tab to see my layouts with these great kits!

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