Monday, February 6, 2012

Art Journal Caravan Week 5 ~ Life is too Short to be Small

We are on week 5 of the Art Journal Caravan. I am so far behind, I have the first three weeks to do yet, but with all my CT work, my college work and doing two workshops...I'm moving kind of slow!!!!

So we had some great prompts this week, but I chose "Life is too Short to be Small"  First thing that popped into my head was Rosie the Riveter. LOVE her! She is such a strong icon for a military spouse, symbolizing that "We Can Do It" attitude.  I wanted to incorporate that strength, with the support of our soldiers and patriotism.  I also wanted to keep it simple. I tend to overwhelm with elements so I had to really work hard not to do that with this layout.

I used parts of different kits by:

Studio Tangie (background  from AJC Kit)

Made with Love (Soldier, from The Soldier)

Kate McClellen (WWII Kit, used background with flag and saying by Roosevelt)

Army Poster with Rosie the Riveter, I extracted her to make her stand out more!

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