Monday, January 23, 2012

Facebook Timeline

Apparently the new rage is making a layout for the new Facebook Timeline. So...of course I have to make one!! I used Outside the Box's new Art Journaling kit. I think it came out pretty cute!!!

I was looking thru my layouts....I tell ya, sometimes I amaze myself..and I look at the layouts and I did that?  Then other times I look at them and think....what the HECK was I thinking?  I wish I was more consistant.

My main problem I think is clustering...I just came seem to get it right. Also...I dont know where people come up with all these ideas for layouts! I seem to go towards the same designs all the time and I dont want to do that! There are so many creative people out there!  I think I would love to design a kit myself but I dont think I am ready for that....soooo much I dont know yet!!

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